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I'm Andrea

I spent the last 12 years creating websites the traditional way.

Now I'm going full #noCode because I believe that everyone should be able to create and have a voice in this thing called the Internet.

Here are some of my recent projects in Webflow:

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¡Hola! I'm Andrea -

I like having new life experiences, so I can learn different perspectives that help me design useful products and bring people new and exciting experiences too. 🙂
illustration by Black Shark
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UX/UI Design

Since last year I've been making a career change towards UX, let's create some usable and useful products!


I recently discovered Webflow and I'm in love 🖤.
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Web Design/Frontend

One of the things I enjoy the most, is transforming design into code 🤓. (HTML5, CSS3, BS4)
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Yes! I'm also very familiar with Wordpress.
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My Featured Work

AWSME Time Tracker

I designed the UI of a time tracker for freelancers and employees, so they can keep track of their working hours while being motivated to do it!


Methods Used:
Lo-fi & Hi-fi Wireframing, Prototyping

Poop Diary Mobile App

The Poop Diary App will help users to better keep track of their pets’ eating and activity habits, bowel movements, and digestive health in general.

Figma, Google Forms

Methods Used:
UX Research, User Persona, Task Flow, Wireframing

Style Tile

I created a design style tile as part of a redesigning practice.

Figma, Adobe PhotoShop

UI Redesign

In this practice I redesign a layout I originally worked as Frontend.


Figma, Adobe PhotoShop

User Needs Assessment

I determined the user’s pain points in specific features of the app, and created possible solutions.

Methods Used:

Semi-Structured User Interview, Affinity Wall